Four Spirits

A design I spent all night doing. It’ll be up for voting shortly; vote it up here:

Morte - The Second Sign

My second Threadless Loves Horror submission, and also the Second Sign in my Six Signs personal challenge. It’ll be up for voting at Threadless soon. Click here to give your opinion of it:

We Know What We Like

Another collaboration with rossmat8. Hope you enjoy it!

Horrorible Family Portrait

Threadless has started a new Loves Competition, Loves Horror. Loves Competitions give artists a month to submit art centered around a theme. Loves Horror, as you might expect, is in preparation for Halloween which is coming up really soon! It’s only been a few days, but a ton of artists have posted some amazing designs; you should be sure to check them all out.

Here’s my first submission to the contest. It’s printed in glow ink, so it’s just the image of the scared boy during the day. At night, it’s revealed what’s gotten him so shaken up!

Click below to give it a score!

Sis Ke

This design is the first of a series of six I’m calling the Six Signs. Why? Well, I’m not too sure. Actually, they’re all going to be designs about the number 6 and other fiendish, evil things. It’s an attempt to provide balance to the lighter designs I’ve got scoring now. Other signs are in the works, but for now, give your opinion of this first one by clicking below

The Raincatcher

I decided to switch it up and not post a Threadless design. Okay okay I’m lying — it is a Threadless design.

This is actually a remake of a design by another great designer on Threadless, ginetteginette. If you’d like, you can view the original here.

You can vote on the new Raincatcher by clicking below!

Number One Fan

Another design that’s scoring now at Threadless.

This design is the first of several collaborations between the hilarious rossmat8 and I. 

Drop in and give your opinion by clicking the image below


Another design is up at Threadless! Want to wear it? Definitely wouldn’t wear it? As usual, click below to give your opinion:

Etymology of Planets’ Names

This design is up for scoring now at Threadless!

Click the image below to score it:

I’m the one on the right

I’m the one on the right